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Monday, June 28, 2021

Intercourse Tips: After intercourse, women should not make these mistakes, it can be a problem

Intercourse Tips For Women: It is very important to have intimacy between couples in married life. This keeps the love between the couples. But along with being intimate, it is important for women to take special care of their hygiene as well. Many times, while having intercourse, women make many such mistakes, due to which they have to face problems. Due to some mistakes made after intercourse, you can get infections and many serious diseases. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what mistakes you should avoid doing after intercourse.

Wash hands- After intercourse it is important that you wash your hands, mouth and nose thoroughly. This is because hands come in contact with private parts during intercourse. Which can increase the risk of bacterial infection.

Do not wear tight clothes- If you wear tight clothes after intercourse then there can be trouble. Actually, during this time the body temperature rises and sweating comes out more. In such a situation, wearing tight clothes can cause open, allergic reactions in the private part.

Private parts of Sfai- after intercourse, women do not clean their private parts. Or some women clean the private part with soap. Do not do this, you may have to face many problems. In such a situation, after intercourse, clean the private part with lukewarm water or with an intimate wash.

Wet Wipes- Using wet wipes for cleaning private parts after intercourse can prove to be dangerous. Wet wipes contain chemical and artificial fragrance, which can cause allergies and rashes.

Passing urine- Women or men do not urinate after intercourse. Due to this, many types of bacteria are present in the private part. Which can cause infection in your urine.

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