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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Famous TV star feed breast milk to her pet dog, people were furious after hearing the news

Social media is also a wonderful platform, nothing can be said here when what happens. 
In this way, most people use social platforms to increase their fan following. This is also the reason why people often share their photos and videos in the internet world. But sometimes some people share such photos, after which there is bound to be a ruckus.

According to a report, recently American reality TV star Jill Dillard made a post on social media, after which she came under the target of fans. Actually, he has posted a picture, in which his pet dog is drinking milk. Jill wrote in the caption of this photo that today I have given my pet dog my breast milk. What was it then, there was a lot of ruckus on social media.

Jill Dillard told that she had kept a bottle of her breast milk in the freezer for the last two years. He said that my son had stopped breast feeding for the last two years but when he recently opened the fridge and saw this milk, he started insisting to test it. I felt that my son would not like this milk at all and from his expressions I understood that something similar is the case.

That's why I gave this milk to my dog. As soon as this news reached on social media, many followers also started trolling Jill Duggar Dillard. These people said that Jill should not have given such old milk to the dog. Jill said that there is no need for people to create a ruckus over this. Although some also praised him.

Jill Dillard wrote in the last part of this post that before you people start criticizing me about how I gave such old milk to my dog ​​to drink. Before that, I want to tell that it was completely fine and if in any way this milk was bad for the dog, then I would not give it to my dog ​​at all.

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