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Monday, June 7, 2021

Do not drink water immediately after eating these things even by mistake, may be a victim of reaction

Health Care Tips: Most of us are not aware of the disadvantages of drinking water. 
You must have wondered whether there are any disadvantages of drinking water? We all know that drinking water keeps our body hydrated. Drinking water is very important to keep many diseases away. Every person must drink 6 to 10 glasses of water every day.

But let us tell you that after eating some things, water should not be drunk at all. This can prove to be dangerous for your health. If you are not careful today, then you may become a victim of some reaction and fall ill. 

after eating cucumber

If you have eaten cucumber or cucumber, then you should not drink water immediately. Both of these contain about 95 percent water. If you drink water after eating them, then GI motility will increase. Due to this your digestive system is badly affected. Due to this you may have problems with diarrhea and diarrhea.

After eating watermelon or cantaloupe

Many people drink water after eating watermelon and cantaloupe, but you should not do so at all. Please tell that watermelon contains a lot of water. Watermelon is always eaten alone. If you drink water after eating it, then the problem of acidity, bloating can arise along with disturbances in your stomach.

after eating peanuts

The taste of peanuts is hot. Its nature is also dry. Therefore, after eating it, I feel very much like to drink water. But you should never drink water after eating peanuts. If you do this then you may have a cough problem.

after eating roasted chickpeas

Drinking water after eating roasted gram can cause stomach ache. Because to digest gram, our body needs sharp digestion or gastric fire. This fire gets pacified by getting water. When the gram in the stomach is not digested properly or their digestion gets disturbed due to water. This causes pain in your stomach.

after tea or hot milk

Never rush to drink water after drinking hot beverages. For example, you should never drink water immediately after drinking hot milk or tea. This can lead to the problem of bleeding from the nose. 

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