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Monday, May 3, 2021

What Kind Of Wife Does A Men Want As Per Study Of The University Of Iowa

In earlier times, cooking for a girl was considered a basic virtue of marriage. 
But, a study conducted by researchers at The University of Iowa in the US found that today's youth want a partner with whom they can experience love and attraction.

In today's world young people need a partner who is self-reliant and can handle the responsibilities that come with marriage. The study also found that today's young women are also looking for a partner who is equally capable of fulfilling household responsibilities.

To cope with rising prices and changing lifestyles, today's young men want to marry a young woman who is self-employed. If so, today's couple will be able to do financial management and savings in marriage, children, health and other matters.

Among all the practical ideas, most of the young men want to make a young woman their partner who respects the parents and takes enough care of them. Today's youth want their partner to take care of their parents just like me.

According to the study, it is also true that today's young people want a partner who is earning as well as making meals and taking care of the family. It has also been found that young women face many challenges, including stress, while taking care of household responsibilities. This often leads to marital problems.

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