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Friday, May 21, 2021

Maruti Swift Dzire is available for only 1.90 lakh rupees, know how to get the deal

In the Corona era, it has become very important to have your own personal car to be safe anywhere. 
In such a situation, it is very important to have your own vehicle. If you are planning to buy a second hand car but are worried about the budget, then we are going to tell you about a great deal.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is included in the list of best selling cars of the company due to its superb design, mileage and features. The price of this car starts from Rs 6.81 lakh and goes up to Rs 10.20 lakh. But you can buy this car from the Second Hand Car Market for less than 2 lakh rupees. This car is listed on OLX website. Overall, it can be considered a better deal to buy the Swift Dzire.

Buy Swift Dzire for just Rs 1.90 lakh

It is a first honorship car and is registered on the number of Punjab. The making year of the car is 2017 and it has been listed for only 1.90 lakh rupees. You can contact the seller to get more details. The location for this is Chhattisgarh region.

Know car details here

According to the details given in the website, the car has only run for 8,400 km. This is the VXI model of the car (petrol engine, with manual transmission) that is available for sale. The color of the car is white. According to the features of the car, it has an 1197 cc engine and mileage is between 23.26 to 24.12.

Please tell that at the moment the seller has kept the price of this car at only 1.90 lakh rupees, but you can talk to the seller and bring this car at a lower price.

Note: If you are going to get this second hand car, then look at the car from all sides. Check his denting and painting. Always check the car owner's paper. At the same time, buy this car only after thorough investigation of the car and the paper.

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