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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Delay In Vaccination Would Allow Coronavirus To Develop New Variants, This warning given by experts

Hyderabad: The country is now preparing to vaccinate all citizens above the age of 18 years. 
Experts in Teva have warned that if the vaccination is delayed, the corona virus will have a chance to develop a new variant. The current vaccine against some of these variants is also likely to be less effective. That is why people should not delay in getting the vaccine.

Doctors even say that a person who is not vaccinated is harming not only himself but also the people around him and his family. Now that final preparations have begun to cover most of the country's population under the vaccination program, it has also brightened hopes for an end to corona. However, this hope cannot be fulfilled if young or old do not get vaccinated.

Cluster COO of Gleneagles Global Hospitals Dr. According to Merwin Leo, most of the country's population has not yet been exposed to the corona virus. Due to which the virus is getting an opportunity to develop new variants. Even a vaccine against some variants may not provide adequate protection if this continues. It is important to ensure that the condition does not reach this level, and that is why people should not be lazy or hesitant to get vaccinated.

The CEO of Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad, Dr. According to Riaz Khan, herd immunity against corona can be achieved if everyone takes the vaccine. It is not possible to do so without it. Collective efforts are needed to fight Corona. In which everyone needs to come forward and get vaccinated. This will break the chain of transmission from one person to another.

Experts also say that both vaccines currently available in the country are capable of protecting against corona. So whatever vaccine is available quickly and easily should be taken without delay. Now it has been proved that even a single dose gives a lot of protection. Corona infection does not become serious after vaccination and in most cases does not even require hospitalization. If we delay the vaccine for fear of side effects, it will make the virus more dangerous.

Mega drive of vaccination from 01 May amid vaccine shortage

The central government has announced that all citizens above the age of 18 will be vaccinated against corona from May 1. However, at present, state governments and private hospitals are unlikely to receive adequate quantities of the vaccine. Corona cases on the one hand in the country are setting new records all over the world. Delay in vaccination can have serious consequences in many states where the condition is very serious.

Covishield (Serum Institute of India) and Covacin (India Biotech) vaccines are currently being given in India. But both the companies have expressed inability to deliver stock before the third week of May. A state like Chhattisgarh has even claimed that it has been told that the vaccine will not be available before July. Currently, there is a shortage of vaccines in some states, including Maharashtra. In Mumbai, even the people who had registered at the BKC, the largest vaccination center today, ran out of vaccines.

On the one hand, some states are crying out for a shortage of vaccines, while on the other hand, the central government is claiming that everyone is being given adequate quantities. The government has also said that so far, 160 million doses have been made available free of cost to various states in the country. Out of which one crore doses are yet to be given. An additional 57 lakh doses will also be sent in the next three days.

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