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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

CT scan may increase cancer risk, know what Harvard report says

The risk of coronavirus in India is increasing continuously in India. 
Millions of new cases of corona are coming up every day and thousands of people are losing their lives across the country. The double mutant Variant of the corona virus, which has acquired a formidable form in India, has woken the general public as well as the government. The double mutant variant of the corona found in India is not easily detected in the RT-PCR test (RT-PCR) and that is why people have access to test the corona without having to do some thoughtful CT scan (CT Scan) Are going

CT scan radiation increases the risk of cancer In
this second wave of corona, there has been a sudden increase in the number of people doing CT scans. In view of this increase, Randeep Guleria, director of Delhi AIIMS Delhi, has expressed concern. Randeep Guleria held a press conference on the conditions of Corona on Monday and alerted the people who underwent CT scan. Dr. Guleria said that it is not particularly beneficial to have a CT scan immediately after the start of Kovid. After being infected with the corona, patches come to the chest, which end with treatment. He said that the radiation coming out of the CT scan machine is very harmful, which is equal to 300 X-ray radiation. This is the reason why CT scan radiation increases the risk of cancer.

Get x-rays done on the advice of a doctor before a CT scan,
Dr. Guleria said that people should do a chest x-ray first on the advice of doctors and only when the doctors recommend a CT scan, then a CT scan should be done. He emphasized that in the Corona era, people are becoming doctors themselves and are going to get CT scans of their own free will. Expressing concern over this situation, he said that there are many people who are doing CT scan once every three months, which is very dangerous. The AIIMS director said that people should consult a doctor before conducting a blood test. Patients who have mild symptoms of corona are also cured with simple medicines, they do not need steroids.

What does the report of
Harvard Medical School say ? A report from Harvard Medical School also mentions the damage done by CT scan. The report says that the radiation emanating from the machine while performing a CT scan poses a risk of cancer. However, in the report, it has also been said that this risk is much less in elderly people. According to Dr. Dushyant V. Sahni, Associate Professor of Harvard Medical School, the risk is less in people over 65 years of age and it takes 20 years or more for cancer to develop in their body.

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