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Thursday, April 15, 2021

When to get corona tested and which test would be better?

Corona infection is increasing once again in the country. 
In many states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, the situation is getting frightening. In Maharashtra, there is a lockdown situation, while strict restrictions have been implemented in many states. Have to go to work or work is important ... you have to leave from home. Traveling in public transport, meeting people, buying goods ... is part of the common routine. In such a situation, on returning home, there is this fear in my mind that I have become corona infected or not? The question is, when should we investigate Corona!

The corona infection may be growing rapidly, but the central and state governments are appealing that there is no panic. Do not panic. You just have to be aware and follow the Kovid protocol. We talked to Dr. Shyamsunder Singh, Senior Chi Kitsak about when to investigate Corona. He told that if there are symptoms of corona, if it is seen inside you ... then you should get it checked.

Fever, fatigue, taste and odor not detected, shortness of breath are common symptoms. At the same time, new symptoms are seen with pink eyes, diarrhea, loose motion, and hearing difficulties. If you are going through such problems then it is better to get an investigation done.

If Kovid has come in contact with the infected ... On this question, Dr. Singh said that if a confirmed Kovid has come in contact with an infected patient, he has not been able to maintain a distance of 6 feet, that is, he has come closer to it ... 15 Even if you have been together for a minute or more… Corona should be checked.

Which test would be better to do? On this question, Dr. Shyamsunder says that the RT-PCR test is the best in all the testing kits that have come so far. Its accuracy is very high. However, it takes time to report it. The rapid antigen test gives the result in minutes.

If there is no positive report in this despite having symptoms, then it would be more correct to have RT-PCR test. (Disclaimer: This article is meant to increase your information. It would be better to contact a specialist doctor for corona related problems.)

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