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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This Country Is Married To A Dead Body, Will Be Shocked To Know The Truth

New Delhi:
 Marriage Is A Word That Is Familiar Not Only In India But Around The World. It Is Such A Bond In Which The Search For His Better Life Partner Is Taken And The Vows And Promises Of Dying And Living With Him Till The Last Breath Are Taken With Him. But If We Tell You That There Are Some Countries In The World Where Your Life Partner Is Not Necessary For Marriage, You Can Also Marry A Dead Man Or A Woman.

Yes, Don't Be Surprised. We Are Talking About The European Country Of France, Where Any Man Or Woman Can Marry A Dead Person. France, A Country Known For Its Beauty, Has A Law Under Which People Can Marry A Dead Person. Its Provision Is Given In Civil Code Article 171. This Type Of Marriage Is Known As Necrogamy. This Marriage Is Just Like A Normal Wedding. In This Marriage Too, All The Rituals And Customs Are Performed, The Only Difference Is That Instead Of The Bride There Is A Picture Of Her. However, For This, Consent From The President To The Local Administration And The Family Of The Deceased Is Also Needed.

What Is The Secret Of This Strange Marriage Law: 

In Fact, During The First World War, If A Pregnant Woman's Partner Was Killed In A War, She Would Have To Marry The Deceased So That The Child Could Get The Father's Name. This Law Was Enacted After A Bridge Accident. Please Tell That In The Year 1959 A Bridge Fell. In Which 423 People Were Killed. A Deceased Had Been Engaged A Few Days Before This Accident. The Fiance Of The Deceased Appealed To The Government To Marry The Deceased.

During That Time The President Of France Was Charles De Gaulle. Then The Government Allowed The Woman To Marry And After This The National Assembly Of France Enacted A Law Regarding This. Under This Law, The Person Marrying The Deceased Has To Prove That The Person Who Died Was Also Willing To Marry The Same Person.

Not Only This, Statements Of Relatives And Friends Are Also Taken. Many Provisions Have Been Made Regarding This Law. One Of The Rules Is That The Married Person Will Not Get The Property Of The Deceased. Along With France, There Are Many Other Countries Where It Is Customary To Marry The Deceased. It Also Includes South Korea, Japan And China.

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