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Friday, April 2, 2021

Sugarcane juice is dangerous sometimes, germs can take your life

Health Care Tips: Summer is coming, we take various measures to avoid the hot summer. 
In summer, many people consume juice to avoid heat stroke. In summer, most people drink sugarcane juice. 

While sugarcane juice on one hand is very good for health, on the other hand, if we do not drink it properly, then it also has a lot of damage. Sugarcane juice contains some harmful germs. If these harmful germs go inside our body, then it can also result in our death. Today we tell you how sugarcane juice is harmful for health-

When you go to drink juice at a sugarcane juice shop, the shopkeeper adds a lot of ice to the juice. Let us tell you that there is a great difference between sugarcane and ice effect. Due to this, it has a very negative effect on our health. So if you go to drink sugarcane juice the next time, refuse to put ice from the shopkeeper.

Apart from this, before drinking sugarcane juice, make sure that in the shop where you are drinking juice, the shopkeeper has cleaned the machine and sugarcane properly. Actually, there are fatal fungus in sugarcane. Sugarcane also contains a lot of soil, which is very harmful for your health. 

If the shopkeeper drinks sugarcane juice with soil, it can cause serious illness like soil amoebiasis and dysentery. Apart from this, you should never drink red sugar cane juice by mistake. Red cane juice can spoil your health.

Drinking red cane juice may cause skin problems. There is a possibility of red rot disease in your body due to red cane juice. It is a fungus, which appears red in color on sugarcane. Drinking such sugarcane juice can cause hepatitis A, diarrhea and dangerous and fatal diseases of the stomach.

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