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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Proning: Difficulty in breathing, Health Ministry told this way to increase oxygen level at home

A second wave of Coronavirus has caused panic all over the country. 
These days, there is an emergency like situation in the entire country due to lack of oxygen. The administration is also troubled by the lack of oxygen in government and private hospitals, although all measures are being taken to meet the shortage of oxygen. At the same time, the cases of corona are increasing day by day. The number of infected are increasing.

Patients are dying due to lack of oxygen, in this way the Ministry of Health has told about Proning to maintain the level of oxygen. Which you can easily do at home. According to the Health Ministry, people who are having trouble breathing can adopt the procedure of pruning. Proening can help corona patients improve oxygen levels.

What is prone

Proning is the process of deep breathing properly. Its special benefit will be given to those patients who are in isolation. It controls the level of oxygen in the body.

How do prone

1. Lie on your stomach and put a pillow under the neck. Also, put one or two pillows between the chest and upper thigh. Place two pillows under the toes.
2. You need four to five pillows for proning.
3. Change your position every half an hour.

Importance of pruning

1. Due to the increase in ventilation, you can breathe easily.
2. Do pruning only when the patient is having difficulty in breathing and his oxygen level is reduced below 94.
3. Patients living in home isolation should regularly check the temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar.
4. Proving on the right procedure on time can save many lives.


Which ones should not be prone

People who have heart problems, pregnant women, have any kind of problem in the spinal cord, they should not do it. Also, do not do this procedure for one hour after eating food.

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