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Friday, April 23, 2021

Eat these things to increase immunity and oxygen levels during the corona period

Amid the growing infection of the Coronavirus, it is necessary that we take full care of our health and include such things in our diet that increase the body's ability to fight against diseases. 
Also, a good amount of oxygen remains in the blood. In such a diet, include such things which are helpful in increasing the hemoglobin in the blood. In this regard, it has been said by Harvard Health and the Food and Drug Administration of America that in order to maintain the proper amount of hemoglobin in the body, you must include copper, iron, vitamins and folic acid in your diet. These nutrients will help in

Along with the body's immunity, a good amount of oxygen is also needed to protect against coronavirus infection. In such a situation, include nutritious things in your diet.

Copper is found in plenty in potatoes, sesame, cashew and mushrooms.

Apart from this, you can consume beans, green leafy vegetables and pulses in addition to chicken, meat, etc. for iron. -Vitamin A is found in plenty in eggs. Apart from this, it is also found in sweet potato, carrot, gourd, mango and spinach etc. Whereas, oats, curd, eggs, almonds, cheese, bread and milk etc. also contain sufficient amount of riboflavin. You can also include them in your diet.

-Vitamin B3 can be taken in plenty from carnivores. Apart from this, it can also be obtained from grains, roasted sunflower and gourd seeds, roasted peanuts.

Vitamin B5 can be obtained from chicken, tuna, fish, eggs etc. Apart from this, it can also be served with mushrooms, peanuts, avocados, broccoli and brown rice etc.

- Apart from this, vitamins B6 and B9 are also plentiful in chicken, fish, banana, spinach etc.

These things will also increase the level of oxygen.
Besides this, vitamin C is found in plenty in lemon. You must also include this in your diet. This will help in avoiding many diseases. In addition, it is also believed to be helpful in increasing the level of oxygen.

Garlic is beneficial for health. Alkaline is found in sufficient quantities in it. It also helps in increasing oxygen.

Sprouted grains are beneficial for health, while they also work to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. For this, you can add sprouted gram, lentils and moong in your diet. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them)

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