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Friday, April 23, 2021

25% of the lungs are damaged due to the symptoms of corona virus, these things are very important for you to know

The second wave of C
ovid- 19 has once again wreaked 
havoc in the country The new strain of infection caused by the virus is more deadly than the old one because in many cases it constantly attacks the lungs of patients. Yes, there are many people who have had up to 25% damage to their lungs before they showed symptoms of COVID-19. Once they get their test done, many people are having problems like breathing problems.

According to the report, about 60-65 percent of Kovid-19 patients are having difficulty breathing normally as their oxygen levels drop rapidly. In many cases, the oxygen level of the infected people drops below 80 in just two to three days, which may cause them to need immediate oxygen and if a patient does not get oxygen on time at this time, his condition can worsen.

In the first wave of COVID-19, the average SpO2 (oxygen level) in severe cases of people was reported to be below 88–87, but now with the second wave in the country, the SpO2 level of patients is going below 70-80 which can be very dangerous.

New and strange features were revealed

In the new strain of Covid-19, many different features are seen. These symptoms are so new that even doctors are struggling to find the cause. Not long ago, two patients with hearing problems came to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College Hospital and were tested for COVID-19. Meanwhile, some other new symptoms include blurred vision, itching in the body, tingling in the hands, rising blood pressure and much more.

No symptoms, yet COVID-19 report positive

On the other hand, there are also patients whose body shows no symptoms, however, when their CT scan is done, the temperature indicates 35 or less. This means that patients are COVID-19 positive. Also, if the value of the CT scan is less than 22, the patient needs to be hospitalized as soon as possible.

Doctors are getting infected

The second wave of Kovid is not leaving health workers alone and more than 55 of them have been tested in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. These include Tata Main Hospital (TMH), Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College Hospital, Tata Motors Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Brahmananda Hospital and more. Of these, 17 doctors are said to be in critical condition and are receiving oxygen or ventilator support. Doctors take relatively longer to understand their internal symptoms and by the time they can understand, their lungs are already in a damaged state.

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