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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

World Tuberculosis Day 2021: Not every TB is contagious, know the important information related to this disease

TB disease is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 
It is also called tuberculosis. Millions of TB cases occur every year in India. According to the data, in the year 2019, there were 24.04 cases of TB in India, while 79,144 people died due to this disease. World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated every year on 24 March to make people aware of TB.

It is also called World Tuberculosis Day. Its different theme is also determined every year. The theme of World Clock Day in the year 2021 is "The Clock is Ticking", which aims to make people understand that time is constantly increasing at their own pace, so this is the time to get rid of this disease at the root to be done. Let us know on the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day 2021 that everything related to this disease is important for you to know.

Not every TB is contagious

TB is generally considered to be an infectious disease, but for your information, let us know that not every TB is contagious. Actually, there are two types of TB, pulmonary TB and extra pulmonary TB. Pulmonary TB affects the lungs, while extra pulmonary TB occurs in other parts of the body. Pulmonary TB is contagious according to health experts. It also infects other people through the patient, while patients with extra pulmonary TB are not at risk of infection. Since about 70 percent of the patients are suffering from pulmonary TB, it has become a common belief that TB is contagious.

Pulmonary TB spreads like this

Pulmonary TB patient has bacteria in their breath. These bacteria come into the air when the patient coughs, talks, sneezes, spits, and opens the mouth and stays in the air for several hours. In such a situation, when a healthy person comes in contact with that air, through the breath, these bacteria also enter it and infect it.

Identify with these symptoms

Symptoms of pulmonary cough, breathlessness, loss of appetite or loss of weight, weight loss, mild fever, occasional night sweats and sometimes bleeding in mucus during pulmonary TB can occur. At the same time, during extra pulmonary TB, symptoms such as pain or swelling in a particular organ, mild fever, night sweats, loss of appetite are revealed.

Cause of TB

Weakness of the immune system, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, contact with an infected patient and lack of cleanliness can cause this disease. Apart from this, diabetes patients, pregnant women and HIV patients have a higher risk of extra pulmonary TB due to poor immunity.

How to rescue

1. If the cough persists for more than two weeks, tell the doctor about it and get the mucus checked.

2. Take special care of food so that your immune system remains strong.

3. Keep proper distance from the infected patient. Do not touch even his things. Keep the nose covered with the mouth while meeting the patient, and after receiving, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

This is the cure

After the confirmation of the disease, experts treat it by running a course of six to nine months for the treatment. It can also take 18 to 24 months in critical condition. During this time, not a single dose of the medicine is omitted. Therefore, during treatment, follow the instructions of the expert. Apart from this, to keep others from getting infected, keep a reasonable distance from them. Do not spit in public places and while talking to someone, definitely put cloth on nose and mouth.

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