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Sunday, March 21, 2021

To avoid blindness and eye problems, do recitation of Netropanishad hymn every Sunday

Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya. 
Worshiping the sun god increases a person's fame, respect and progress, and protects against all diseases. The best thing to do for Sun worship is to keep a fast dedicated to Sun God on Sunday, but if you are not able to keep their fast then you must do two things every Sunday. The first one should offer arghya to Suryadev and the second should read the Netropanishad Stotra.

A person's health is always better by reciting the Netropanishad Stotra in the worship of the Sun. He is protected from eye diseases and blindness. If you recite Arghya and Netropanishad Stotra to Suryadev regularly, then it results in miraculous results. It is also believed that if the text of the Netropanishad Stotra is recited daily, the lost light of the eyes can also be recovered. The Netropanishad Stotra can be recited after offering Arghya to Lord Surya in the morning.

This is Netropanishad Stotra

H Namo Bgwate Suryay renewable Tejase Namah
h Kecray Namah
h Mhte Namah
h Rjase Namah
h Asatomasdgamay, Tmsoma jyotirgamaya, Mrityormamritngamaya Ushno Bgwanm Shucirupः cheer God Hnsrupः
Imam Ckshushmti Vidhhyam Bramhnonnityamdite
not Tsyakshirogo bhavat not Tsy Kulendo bhavat
Ashto Bramhanan Prahaitw Vidhyasiddhirbavishyti
h Vishwarupa Grinantm Jatveda Snhiranyamyam Jyotirupamayam
Shstrrashimbhiः Stdha Wartmana re Prjana
Mudayateshy Suryः
h Namo Bgwate Adityay Ahowahn Wahnai swaha
Om Ttst Bramhanen Namah
h Namah Shivaya
h Suryayarpnmshu

Rules for granting arghya to Suryadev

Copper lotus should always be used to offer arghya to Lord Surya. Take water in a copper pot and put red roli, akshat, jaggery and red colored flowers in it. After this, chant the Surya Mantra and Surya Namah with pure mind and offer Arghya to the Sun God. While offering Arghya, see Lord Surya with a stream of water and take care that splashes of water do not fall on your feet. To avoid this, you keep an empty pot or bucket and offer it. Later put that water in a pot. Apart from this, Arghya should be given between the time of sunrise to 9 am, only then you can get full benefits of it.

Benefits of offering Sun to Sun

By offering arghya to Suryadev regularly, the position of the sun in the horoscope is strong. With this, a person gets Ayu, Arogya, Dhan-Dhanya, Son, Mitra, Tej, Yash, Saubhagya, Vaibhav etc. If Arghya cannot be given daily then at least every Sunday. If you want to keep the fast of Lord Surya, then take a meal during the fast and do not consume oil and salt.

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