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Thursday, March 25, 2021

This may be the world's fastest 3 wheeler electric car, running at 482 Km on a single charge

Three wheeler vehicles have never been rated as a car by the customers. 
This vehicle has always been seen as a loading small tempo and so far nothing has been seen by the customers in the car segment. But currently if a customer sees the Daymak Spiritus electric vehicle, then it may be that the user's mind gets shocked. Yes, at the moment this three wheeler vehicle is in prototype form. But after seeing its leaked photos, it has become clear that no other company will be able to compete with this vehicle.

Dayamak is a Canadian EV maker who has decided to present Spiritus with a great design. This company has also started taking pre-orders of the vehicle. The company has said that, it will be the fastest three-wheeled vehicle in the world in which two people will be able to sit comfortably.

The Spritius EV will get an 80 kWh battery which will generate 197hp of power. That is, once charged, it will run 482 kilometers. This is the ultimate version of the EV, while here you also get the affordable Deluxe model, which has a 36 kWh battery and generates power of 100hp. This variant runs 300 km in a single charge.


If you talk about the price of Ultimate and Deluxe model Spritus EV, then the price of Deluxe can be around 14 lakh rupees, while the upper model can be worth 1 crore. If you talk about the Ultimate model, then the thing to note here is that, it catches the speed of 100 km in just 1.8 seconds.

In the global market, it is the fastest than any electric vehicle. At the same time, Deluxe takes 6.9 seconds to touch 100 km. If you want style rather than speed, then Daymak Spiritus has a lot to offer. The most expensive models have carbon fiber bodywork, wireless charging, autonomous driving and automatic opening doors.

In this, you get some important highlights like Caesar style opening doors, small solar panel, built in alarm systems. The company Philas is executing its pre-order. In such a situation, its full scale production can be started from the facility facility in Toronto.

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