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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

This kind of change is going to come in the country after Holi, know what is special in your horoscope?

After Holi, people will be reactivated in their daily routine, but today we are telling you what kind of changes will happen in the lives of people after this Holi and how much more our country will be moving forward. 
Astrologist Arvind Pathak ji is witnessing a big change in the country. Let us know what he said in relation to the country and the people of the country.

What kind of changes are you seeing in the country after Holi based on astrological calculations?

This festival of Holi is going to bring a big change in the country. On Holi, all the negative energies, negative things and negative powers will automatically disappear. After Holi, we move towards spring and this is the identity of positivity. After Holi, the condition of many planets is also going to change, which is going to bring very auspicious results for the country.

As soon as Samvat changes, the winds of change will start flowing in the country. Last time, the king of Samvat was Mercury and the minister was Moon, while the king of Samvat this time will be Mars, so that people's troubles will also be removed. This time Mars is the king and Mars is also the minister. Because Mangal is related to Hanuman ji, this time both the king and the minister are Hanuman ji. Mercury is the factor of Mercury while Moon is a factor of mind.

The one whose mind and intellect remains focused, he is alive and will be alive even further. Corona has not been affected by such people, but Corona had a direct impact on the person whose intelligence and mind were disintegrated. Since Mars is the commander of the planets. Therefore, it is necessary to support only the king. This means that you respect your elders. Respecting elders can change your direction and condition. By killing Hiranyakashipu, Narasimha Lord gave a good message that devotion to God only has power.

On the basis of the numbers, is there anything important that can happen in the lives of people after this Holi?

The Lord of Uttara Phalgun Nakshatra is Lord Surya. The Sun is currently sitting in Pisces. The Sun changes from Aries to Pisces. As soon as the sun comes out of Pisces, it will enter the Krishna side of Chaitramas in Aries.

In the same way, change can be seen in the country. Because the sun is the king of the planets. Accordingly, this time after Holi, India will also step towards becoming a world guru. Changes are going to happen in every area this time. Positive changes can also be seen in the lives of all people.

What will be the changes in the lives of people after Holi?

After this Holi, many changes are being seen in the lives of people. It is going to have a positive effect on everyone's life. People will move forward mentally, physically and financially. Whether it is a matter of promotion in some job or a matter of business. In every field, people will progress extensively. This time Surya is a guru, growth is becoming yoga so that people will become stronger.

Whose whichever planet defects are in their birth chart, they will end and they will start to have a positive effect on the life of the person. Planets have different effects in all zodiac signs. Accordingly, they will also get fruit. This time is very good for the people of Pisces.

While, this time is also right for the people of Aries zodiac. This time is not favorable for the people of Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. However, if these people do the worship according to the position of their planets, then they will also move towards positivity and will increase in life.

What is the movement of the planets in terms of the country and what does it tell?

All our troubles will go away with Gudi Parva and Navratri, but it is very important for a person to be mentally and physically positive. It is not possible without it.

How long can you see the complete termination of the corona based on astrological calculations?

Navratri, the festival of Navadurga, is starting from April 13. From Tuesday on the Shukla Paksha day of Chaitramas, Corona will start moving towards its end. Due to the influence of the power of the Goddess, the corona will no longer be expanded. This time Rahu will leave the constellation of Adra and move to Taurus, so that the corona epidemic will end.

Based on a conversation with Astro Arvind Pathak Guru Ji, Mumbai, Virar…

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