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Sunday, March 21, 2021

National Bird: Peacock feathers are dear to Gods and Goddesses, know where you can benefit from keeping at home

India's national bird peacock is known for its beauty. 
It is quite pleasant to see peacocks dancing in the rainy season. The mind becomes happy even after seeing peacock feathers. The peacock feather is as beautiful as it is seen, and it is also considered sacred. The scriptures also mention peacock feathers. Lord Krishna also loved Morpunkh. This is the reason that Krishna used to wear it on his forehead. Similarly, Morpunkh is also loved by Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Karthikeya's vehicle is also a peacock. It is believed that all the Gods and Goddesses love Morpunkh. The more peacock feathers are seen, the more beneficial it is. It also has its own importance to keep peacock feathers in homes. All problems can be got from Morpankh, from planetary defects to Vaastu doshas. There are many different benefits of keeping the peacock feather from the pooja house to the bedroom.

Benefits of keeping peacock at home

1) By keeping the peacock in the house, there is a positive energy flow in the house. If you want to have only good wives in your house, then you should put 3 peacock feathers on the main door of your house and put a statue or photo of Lord Ganesha under the peacock. By doing this, negative energy will not enter the house and happiness and peace and happiness will remain in the house.

2) Do keep Morpunkh in your house of worship. It is considered extremely auspicious to keep Morpankha with deities in the house of worship. By doing this, there is happiness and prosperity in the house and you do not have to face financial problems.

3) If you want positive energy to remain in your home and there is no fight and tension between all the family members, then put a peacock in the living room of the house.

4) Peacock has also been considered a symbol of love, so Shri Krishna had placed it on his head. Morpankh is also considered to be the beloved of Goddess Radha and Shri Krishna. So put 2 peacock in your bedroom. This keeps love and mutual harmony with husband and wife.

5) If you have Laddu-Gopal sitting in the house, then install Morpankh with Laddu-Gopal's favorite flute, this removes the architectural defects of the house.

6) Morpankh is very popular for Mother Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Therefore, by putting peacock feathers in your child's books, your child will be interested in his studies.

7) Put peacock feathers in your house where you keep money, jewelry, this will improve your financial condition.

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