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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Coronavirus: Must read these rules for traveling in flight, otherwise it may be banned

Corona virus cases are increasing once again in the country. 
In many cities, steps like night curfew have been taken by taking Corona. However, people are still being very careless, which can cause a lot of damage. Even flights buses were getting reports of not following the rules. However, now the DGCA has issued new rules regarding the growing case of Corona virus, which passengers will need to follow during the airport and travel.

In such a situation, you know about those rules, which have been issued recently. Also, if you are traveling somewhere, then definitely know these rules, because if you do not follow them, you can be banned. Let us know the special rules for travelers, which are required to be followed during the journey…

Properly masked essentials

It is often seen that people wear masks, but do not apply it properly. In such a situation, the DGCA has made special rules and it has been said that it is not enough to apply a mask, it should be applied properly. Therefore, wearing a mask during air travel, following social distancing is mandatory and the mask can never be taken down from the nose except during times of any need.

CIFF has been given special responsibility

Now the CISF has been given the responsibility that they will ensure that no one comes in without a mask during the entry of the passenger in the airport. Also, the airport director / terminal manager will ensure that they always have the mask properly applied to the passenger.

Security will be handed over

If a passenger does not follow the rules related to the corona virus before the trip, then he can be taken off the flight and will be handed over to the Security Agency. The first passenger will be warned once and after that action can be taken.

This action will be done if the mask is not placed in the aircraft

At the same time, if a passenger does not follow the rules during the journey, then he can be treated like a 'nuisance traveler'. In such a situation, if you are traveling by flight during this time, then you must take care of these rules. Please tell that the air travel of the people coming in the list of unruly passengers can be banned or there is also a provision of punishment in this case.

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