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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

This is called luck! This man got back the wallet he lost 53 years ago in Antarctica!

 any lost before the thing could have been a thrill and sensation of pleasure when you get back chattels. A similar experience is being made by 91-year-old US meteorologist Paul Grisham. Who has surprisingly found a wallet lost in Antarctica 53 years ago. Grisham is happy to get the same thing as an old souvenir and social media users are also experiencing great excitement.

Is. In 1968, Paul Grisham, a U.S. Navy meteorologist, was appointed to the world's coldest continent. Where they had to keep an eye on the weather conditions. At Ross Land they were forecasting the weather for the science station and the airport. However, when he returned to California 13 months later, he found out that his wallet was missing.

A wallet found in the back of a locker was found breaking into a U.S. research station building

Thanks to the efforts of Stephen Decato, a one-time research agency in Antarctica, and Bruce McKee of the Indian Spirit of '45 Nonprofit Foundation, Grishman has regained his wallet after five decades.

There is an interesting story behind how Grishman's wallet was recovered after so many years. The McMurdo station, a U.S. research center on Ross Island, was demolished, during which two wallets were found in the back of a locker.

Grisham's ID, driving license, tax statement and homemade wine recipe paper were intact in the wallet

Veteran McKee, who has served in the U.S. Air Force, runs a non-profit voluntary organization. He contacted the Naval Weather Service Association to find the owners of this wallet. Bhagyavash Grisham was also a member. As a result, he got his wallet back after 53 years.

Documents such as Grisham's Navy ID, his driving license, tax statement, how to make wine at home, etc. were found intact in the wallet. "I didn't know I had forgotten my wallet in Antarctica," Grisham said. However, I am very happy to see this wallet today. My old memories are refreshed.

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