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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Investment of only 50 thousand rupees and you can earn 2.50 lakhs annually in this business

People in the country 
are turning to farming for 
income . Then if you also have a hobby of farming and produce something that can guarantee earnings. Such as the Exemplary Vegetable Button Mushroom. Mushrooms are in demand in restaurants and hotels. Nowadays, the queue of safes who are fond of learning recipes from YouTube has also increased. Which is why the demand for button mushrooms is growing rapidly.

Button mushroom is a species that is rich in minerals and vitamins Mushrooms are becoming popular because of such benefits. Its retail price in the market is Rs 300 to Rs 350 per kg and the wholesale price is 40% lower. Due to the high demand for mushrooms, many farmers have shifted from traditional farming to mushroom cultivation.

Earn Rs 2.50 in less than Rs 50,000

Compost is made for the cultivation of button mushrooms. One quintal of compost takes one and a half kilograms of seeds. You can make 4 to 5 quintals of compost and produce about 2 thousand kg of mushrooms. Now, if 2,000 kg of mushrooms are sold at a price of at least Rs 150 per kg, you will get around Rs 3 lakh. Even if Rs 50,000 is deducted, it saves Rs 2.50 lakh. However, its price is less than 50 thousand rupees.

Mushroom cultivation can also be started in less space

10 kg of mushrooms can be comfortably produced per square meter. You can produce mushrooms by making three three feet wide racks in a space of at least 40 × 30 feet.

The process of making compost

To make compost, the paddy straw has to be steeped, after which it is mixed with DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum and carbofudoran a day later. After about a month and a half the compost is ready. Now mix the manure and soil well and lay a trunk about an inch and a half large, on which a layer of compost two to three inches large is applied. To keep it moist, it is sprayed on the mushrooms two to three times a day. One or two inches of compost is poured over it. And thus begins the production of mushrooms.  

Start mushroom cultivation with training

Mushroom cultivation training is imparted in all Agriculture Universities and Agricultural Research Centers. If you are planning to cultivate this on a large scale then good training can be taken for it.

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