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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Helicopter is also booked from Uber, know how much is the fare and how is the booking?

You will also use Uber for cabs to go somewhere. 
Only cars, autos or bikes will be booked with your Uber, but do you know that Uber, which gives you a bike service, also arranges a helicopter for you. Yes, you can also book helicopters from the Uber app. There is no problem in booking it and you can easily book a helicopter and roam around.

If you also want to book a helicopter from uber then you can do so. But, you cannot do this by staying in India, for this you will have to go abroad. Actually, Uber is offering this service in a few countries and it has not started in India yet. Uber can buy helicopters from Uber in cities like Dubai or New York. Actually, helicopters are booked and a city ride is done, in which you can roam the city in a helicopter.

How can book

To book a helicopter from Uber, you can book a helicopter just like a cab. For this, you have to book this according to your location.

Does the helicopter come home?

It is not that on booking a helicopter, a helicopter arrives at your home. In this case, some special helipads are made for helicopters of uber people, where the helicopters stand. In such a situation, you have to travel there. For this, a cab from Uber comes to your house to take you, by this you will have to go to the helipad, where you will get a chance to travel by helicopter.

How much does it cost?

You can take advantage of Uber Ture between 10 am and 4.30 pm. In Dubai, Old Dubai, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are routed via Uber Tuke. To book a helicopter from Uber, AED 530 has to be paid per person, while AED 630 has to be paid for individual seats.

If it is converted into Indian currency, then according to India, this coast will be about 12 thousand rupees. You can book it directly through the Uber app. Let us know that Uber has started this service in many cities, in which the city tour is done by helicopter.

Apart from helicopter, this service also provides Uber

If you talk about Uber, you can book many things besides Uber by helicopter. There are cars in it, which includes many categories. Also you can book scooters, taxis, autos etc. with bikes. Uber has started different services in different countries, through which you can make your journey in any city easier.

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