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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Get Rid Of White Hair Without Chemicals, follow these tips

 it is common for hair to turn white at an early age. Then some people apply it in the hair because of the color fashion. Which causes the real color of the hair to disappear. As a result the hair turns white and you always have to color the hair to hide it. But dyes with constant chemicals have a bad effect on hair. Causing hair to fall out and weaken. If you are also bothered by graying of hair but want to avoid chemical coloring, color your hair this way at home. Then see how you can get rid of white hair without chemical dyes. Try natural hair dye made from henna at home which will also color the hair and keep the hair healthy.

Hina, yogurt and tea leaves

This is the best way to give your hair a radish brown color. Mix yoghurt, lemon juice and boiled tea leaves in water and apply it on the whole hair. Rinse with water after two hours. After the hair dries, apply oil and shampoo the next day.

Henna, sweet neem and sesame oil

This is a very effective way to dye hair black. Boil sweet neem in sesame oil and keep this mixture for one or two days. Before mixing henna in hair, mix this mixture in henna and heat it and apply it on hair and leave it for two hours. Then wash your hair with Shikakai or shampoo.

Hina with coffee powder

This is an excellent way to dye hair gray. When steeping henna for hair, first add half a teaspoon of coffee powder. This will make the hair color coffee brown.

Hina with camphor oil

Heat the camphor oil in an iron pan. Mix the henna well and leave it for a day or two. When applying it, first mix warm water in it and then apply. This will not only darken the hair color but also strengthen the hair roots.

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