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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Change Your 5 Habits Today: Otherwise It Will Come Soon Old Age, Here Are Tips To Look Younger

Our lifestyle has had a huge impact on our lives. 
Some of the daily routine habits are such that the symptoms of old age already appear. We are going to tell you how many daily habits that make you age prematurely and you have a special need to change it.

Drinking with a Straw - When we drink a drink with a straw, the area around our lips is stretched. Causing premature lines and wrinkles to appear on our face. So it would be good if you drink in a glass or cup.

Junk food and cold drinks - Junk food contains very good fats, salt and sugar. In which the nutrients are equal to no. Junk food lowers the amount of collagen from the body. Collagen prevents wrinkles from appearing on your face.

Alcohol abuse - According to some research, people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol are more likely to experience early signs of aging. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles on the face and dehydration.

Sleeping on your stomach - Sleep gives energy to the body but if you sleep on your stomach, you will get the symptoms of old age. According to a study published in the journal Aesthetic Surgery, lying upright on the abdomen puts direct pressure on the face, which causes wrinkles. So change your sleeping pattern.

Not getting enough sleep - Not getting enough sleep can also cause wrinkles on your face. Not getting enough sleep can ruin your routine. Which also affects your body. A study from the University Hospital Case Medical Center found that more wrinkles appear when sleep is not completed. At the same time, stress is considered to be one of the main causes.

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