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Monday, February 22, 2021

According to Chanakya Niti Do not believe in such three people, there may be big loss

It is said that one should not trust everyone, but how to understand who should trust them? 
When a person meets a new person, the first question that comes to mind is whether to trust or not. If you often have something like that, we'll tell you 
Chanakya Niti about (Chanakya Niti). Chanakya is counted among the best scholars of India. Chanakya was the teacher of Taxila University and imparted education to the students. It is said that Chanakya had knowledge about many subjects and was well acquainted with topics like Economics, Sociology, Military Science, Diplomacy and Ethics.

Chanakya has been a teacher whose words are still practiced by people in life. Because from his stated things, a person not only comes out of the darkness but also overcomes many obstacles in his life. A large number of people study Chanakya policy and take their words in their lives. As such, there are many special things mentioned in Chanakya policy and on faith also, Chanakya has told some important things which every person should always remember and assess all these things before trusting any person.

If long nails are considered as
Chanakya, then the animals that have long nails should be kept a proper distance from them. Because long-fingered animals can become violent and cause harm at any time. Therefore, one should not trust them easily. Sometimes trusting such animals becomes a life risk.

The depth of the river
often gives people all kinds of advice on crossing the river, if something similar happens with you too, be cautious. According to Chanakya, no one knows about the flow and depth of the river. So do it in the same situation across the river when you assess it yourself. That is to say, do not arrive at any result at the behest of the other person, but take decisions carefully.

Those who keep arms
, believe Chanakya, then those who keep arms with them should not trust them mistakenly. Because such a person can display his arms at any time with enthusiasm, which can cause damage. Therefore, it is good for human being to be careful and away from such people. Otherwise he could get himself into trouble.

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