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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Zareen Khan blames this actress for ruining her career

Salman Khan has launched many actresses in the film industry. 
Some of them have been hit, some have been rolled sideways and gone away from the lime light. 
Zareen Khan is one of the many actresses launched by Salman Khan. Zarine Khan made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan's opposite 'Veer'. She was later seen in many films like 'Ready', 'Housefull' and 'Hate Story 3'. Zareen Khan is very annoyed with one thing in the film industry. He is being compared to actress Katrina Kaif .

Even filmmakers don’t want to work

When Zareen Khan is compared to Katrina Kaif, she gets very irritated. Not only that, Zareen also says that no filmmaker wants to work with her because of this comparison. Because, he also thought, Zareen looks like Katrina and no one wants to cast an actress who looks like one. This was revealed by Zarina Khan in an interview to NBT.

Katrina Kaif's look-alike

"I look like Katrina Kaif," Zarine Khan was quoted as saying. I came to know this after coming into the film industry. Before this people used to tell me, I apply like my own mother. It has become very strange that people have started saying that Zarina Khan is a look-alike of Katrina Kaif. Zareen Khan says that all this is done by the media.

The actress came in Salman's opposite Veer

The actress said that the makers of the film wanted to launch her in a different way. So he never got a chance to talk to the media. The media has to know everything ahead of time. Their act of knowing before this time has made my work worse. Earlier, it was reported in the media that the actress, who is coming in Salman's opposite Veer, looks like Katrina. This is how people formed their own opinion about me.

There was a lot of damage

Zareen Khan says that she has been fighting in the film industry for the last 11 years because of this comparison. Compared to Katrina Kaif has had a much deeper impact on her career. The actress said that she does not want to work with the look-alike of any other actress in the film industry. Katrina is still a superstar and part of the film industry. Zareen has suffered a lot because of this comparison.

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