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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Why does Lord Vishnu have Sudarshan Chakra? Know the mythology behind it

Lord Vishnu is called Palanharta. 
Worshiping Lord Vishnu provides freedom from all kinds of problems. Also, people's wishes are also fulfilled. In Hinduism, there is a law to worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday. Worshiping them on this day has special significance. If someone fasts on Thursday or duly worships Lord Vishnu, then all the hurdles coming to the wedding will go away forever.

It is said that whenever injustice increases on the earth, Lord Vishnu incarnates on the earth. Lord Vishnu also incarnated Rama and Krishna to liberate the world from Ravana and Kansa. Vishnu is always seen with the Sudarshan Chakra. But do you know why this Sudarshan Chakra is in his hand and where did it come from? There is a legend behind it.

According to religious stories, at one time the tyranny of demons and demons had increased considerably. Distressed by them, all the gods went to Vishnu and pleaded for help. After this, Lord Vishnu went to Mount Kailash and worshiped Lord Shiva. To please Bholenath, Vishnu started praising him with a thousand names and offered lotus flowers with each name.

Lord Shiva hid one flower out of a thousand lotus flowers to test Vishnu. Seeing one flower short, Vishnu started searching for that flower and when the flower was not found in the end, he removed the ekhaka nayan (eye) and offered it to Shiva. After this, pleased with the worship and devotion of Lord Vishnu, Shiva asked him to ask for a boon. Then Lord Vishnu asked for the boon of invincible weapon. Shivji gave him the Sudarshan Chakra. Vishnu killed the demons with that cycle and the gods got freedom from the demons. After this, the Sudarshan Chakra was always with Lord Vishnu.

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