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Monday, January 25, 2021

When Shahrukh Khan's Father Trusted Gandhi More, India Considered His Country

During The Partition Of India, There Were Many Muslim Families Who Left India And Considered Pakistan As Their Homeland. But There Were Many Muslims Who Considered India Over Pakistan. One Of These Families Also Belonged To Shahrukh Khan. Bollywood's King Khan's Father Taj Mohammad Khan Was Then The Leader Of The Congress. He Used To Live In Peshwar Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. He Did Not Believe In Jinnah's Pakistan At All And Had Left Pakistan On The Secular India Confidence Of Mahatma Gandhi And Had Come To Delhi.

Shah Rukh Has Said Many Times That His Father Was A Congress Worker And Had Directly Opposed The Partition. He Was Totally Against The Idea That Another Country Should Be Made For Religion. So He Decided That He Would Move To Delhi With His Entire Family. Shahrukh's Father Died In 1981 Of Cancer. Badshah Khan Is Very Proud Of His Father's Legacy.

A Similar Situation Occurred In Dilip Kumar's Family. His Family In Peshawar Asked Dilip Kumar's Father Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Who Came To Mumbai Before Partition, To Return. Dilip Kumar's Father Said That India Is Our Home And We Will Not Leave Bombay. Dilip Kumar Has Also Told About This In His Autobiography. In 1947, Dilip Kumar Was A New And Popular Star. This Year Dilip Kumar's Film 'Jowar Bhata' Was Released. 

Like Shah Rukh And Dilip Kumar, Lyricist And Poet Sahir Ludhianvi Is Also A Star Who Thinks India Is Better Than Pakistan. As Of Now, Adnan Sami Is A Singer Who Has Left Pakistan And Turned Towards India.

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