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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tractor Rally: Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu agreed to hoist the flag at the Red Fort, read full statement

Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu admitted in a live video on Facebook that he and his colleagues waved two flags of Nishan Sahib and Kisan Mazdoor Ekta at the Red Fort during the Tractor Rally on Tuesday. 
However, he also said that he has not provoked all the farmers entering Delhi. He said that no one has insulted the tricolor on the Red Fort. Earlier on the incident of the Red Fort, Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader in Haryana, Gurnam Singh Chadhuni said that there was no program of the United Kisan Morcha to visit the Red Fort but Deep Sidhu acted to spoil the movement by doing so. is.

Deep Sidhu said in his Facebook video that he is being accused that he alone is responsible for the incident in the Red Fort and that he has carried out the incident by provoking some farmers, this is wrong. He said, "The leaders of many farmers' organizations have also said that they will not go on the route given by Delhi Police but will try to go from Ring Road to Red Fort. In such a situation, it is being unnecessarily accused that Deep Sidhu is plotting to discredit this movement. ”

Deep Sidhu has been active since the time of the farmers' movement that started against agricultural laws in November last year. He said in the video, “The anger of the people has arisen due to the agitation and no one person can be held responsible for instigating the protesters. Our farmers have been demonstrating for months and what happened today should not be seen aside. ”

Sidhu said, "The protesters did not go to Delhi to damage any person or government property, we did not even keep any weapon. We had just raised our flags and reached Delhi on a tractor. People should not call protesters as communal or extremists. The tricolor was not removed at the Red Fort, we just hoisted the flag of peasant-worker unity and Nishan Sahib. "

Many people accused Sidhu

Farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chadhuni also released a video of his and accused Deep Sidhu of plotting to discredit the movement. Chadhuni has said that Deep Sidhu was already doing many kinds of activities continuously, due to which the name of the movement was being spoiled and the leaders associated with the movement also objected to it.

Apart from this, leaders of political parties also accused Deep Sidhu of spoiling the movement. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spokesperson Harjot Singh Bains wrote on Twitter that miscreants like Deep Sidhu have damaged this holy movement of farmers. Farmers' organizations had already alienated him and many people suspected him of being an agent of agencies.

At the same time, Congress's National Social Media Coordinator Gaurav Pandhi tweeted, "BJP's Deep Sidhu and his followers tried to surround the Red Fort and hoisted the flag of Nishan Sahib. This is BJP's crooked scheme. I alerted him 2 months ago by taking him (Deep Sidhu). "

Clashes with police in many places

After breaking away from the fixed routes and entering Delhi, farmers groups clashed with police at some places during the tractor rally. After this, the police released tear gas shells and lathi-charged the farmers groups. Protestors were seen breaking barricades at several places along the Delhi border. The Delhi Police says that the route which was set earlier for the tractor rally in the national capital, was not followed by the protesters.

The farmers, protesting against the agricultural laws, started the rally before the scheduled time and reached the ITO of Central Delhi and Lutyens started trying to enter Delhi. The protesters were carrying poles and they clashed with the police at several places on the ITO. Some groups of farmers also entered the Red Fort complex, where some people had climbed the ramparts and hoisted their flag.

Apart from this, the police lathi-charged the farmers at Chintamani Chowk in Shahdara when they started crossing the barriers and breaking the glass panes. The traditional Sikh warrior 'Nihangas' also clashed with security personnel near the Akshardham temple. In West Delhi's Nangloi Chowk and Mukarba Chowk, farmers broke cement barrers and the police used tear gas to chase them away.

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