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Thursday, January 7, 2021

This indigenous decoction is a panacea for many problems like colds and coughs

The winter season is on and in Gujarat it is freezing cold due to cold wave. 
Naturally, the cold is said to weaken immunity and the biggest risk of some problems such as colds and coughs. On cold days, most people have to deal with colds, coughs, fevers, salivation, and other infections. At a time when there is an outbreak of the corona virus, further damage to the health can occur if the immune system is weakened.

It is not advisable to take medicines available in the market every time for problems like cold, cough, fever, period salinity. You can also get rid of these problems by trying some home remedies. Today we are going to show you two special types of decoctions that will help you to avoid these problems not only before but also to strengthen the body from within.

To boil cinnamon and cloves, first put a glass of water in a pot, when hot, add a piece of cinnamon, two to three cloves and green cardamom, one teaspoon of parsley, one teaspoon of ginger with sugar, half a teaspoon of cinnamon salt, half a teaspoon of turmeric, half Spoon crushed black pepper and add 5-6 basil leaves.

Now boil all these ingredients till half of the water is left, now strain this mixture through a sieve, then the decoction of cinnamon-cloves is ready, boil it at least twice a day, which will give you quick relief from cold, as well as the problem of chest pain. Will get rid of.

You can consume decoction to strengthen the body. Experts believe that a decoction made by mixing various Ayurvedic herbs quickly strengthens the immune system, and protects you from viruses.

Decoction is an ayurvedic drink. All kinds of home remedies are prepared by mixing herbs, the use of which helps to prevent various diseases that occur during the season. In particular, it protects against colds, sinuses, coughs, fevers, etc., by making various decoctions for it and consuming it.

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