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Saturday, January 16, 2021

The dirtiest man in the world! This person has not bathed for 65 years, know the story

By now you 
may have heard and seen a lot of 
amazing fashion. There is more than one record in the world, but today we are going to tell you about one record that you will be annoyed to hear. This man has not bathed for the last 65 years Amou Haji, a resident of Iran, says he has not bathed in 65 years. So let us know what is Amou's lifestyle.

Hate the clean thing

Amou, 83, says he hasn't had a drop of water on his body in 65 years. Because they are afraid of water. They also say that if you take a bath, you will get sick. Amoo never keeps her food clean. Because, they hate clean things. Amou says that this dirt keeps him healthy and fit even at the age of 83. According to him, they are living such a long life due to dirt. No wonder then, that many times you had to live outside the village of Amou because you didn't take a bath.

Diet is also so weird

This is just as strange on the Amou Diet with this wonderful record. Amou prefers to eat rotten meat from accidentally or naturally dead animals. They prefer to eat non-veg. Apart from rotten animal meat, Amou also likes rotten domestic vegetable waste. Amou never likes delicious home-made food.

Amou lives in the soil

They have no home of their own. He lives in pits built in the ground away from his village. However, the villagers have also built a small hut for Amou, but they do not live in it. Amou finds it more pleasant to live in the soil. Amou does not get any infection from any kind of dirt. However, the villagers come to meet him there.

Is fond of cigarettes

Let me tell you, Amou is very fond of smoking cigarettes, but here too Amou has set a new record for dirt. After the cigarettes given to Amoo by the villagers are exhausted, Amoo also puts dry animal feces in the pipe and drinks it. Amou says that he is very happy in this kind of life with all the comforts of the world.

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