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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Take away the poorness of the house with only one lota water, just try these special measures

Everyone wants happiness in their home. 
He wants peace and tranquility in his house at all times. Every person wants that he and his family should not face any problem in life, but it is impossible to do the same in real life. Every day there is a problem in the life of a man, which he has to face. It happens that sometimes your luck is going on with you, sometimes there is a dispute in the family. In Astrology, many such easy remedies have been told, due to which, there is a feeling of peace and happiness in the family. The grace of Mother Lakshmi remains on you. We should keep these measures in mind. So let's know what comes from doing, happiness and prosperity in the house…

Tulsi's mother will cross over

Tulsi Maa is worshiped in all of us. Tulsi Maa is worshiped in a pure place of home. It is said that even without a basil leaf, the Lord does not do Bhoga. It is believed that Tulsi is fond of Lord Narayana. That is why you should set up a basil plant in your house and offer a lotta water in the morning and evening. Doing this removes negativity from the corners of our house. Along with this, the grace of God also remains at your home.

Offer water to Peepal Dev

Scholars have also called Peepal tree as Dev tree. According to Skanda Purana, Vishnu is considered to be the abode of Peepal. By offering water regularly in the Peepal tree, the planet Jupiter is strengthened. The planet Jupiter is called Guru planet. It is seen by associating it with money. There is no shortage of money in the house of the person who regularly provides water in the root of the Peepal tree.

Mother Lakshmi blesses her by keeping the house clean

If you want to bring all kinds of happiness, peace and wealth in your house, then you should keep your house completely clean. This is because Maa Lakshmi loves cleanliness. Mother Lakshmi resides in the same house where cleanliness is taken care of. With this, you offer water to Suryadev every day. You will also get benefit from this.

Give birds food every day

Birds do not face any problems related to money in the house by pouring grains. Therefore, we should keep water and grains in a vessel on the roof of the house or in a place where birds come, by doing this, we avoid the problems faced by the family, and there is peace in the house.

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