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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Rahul Gandhi target PM Modi, said - the country is running in the interest of 2-3 big businessmen

On 26 January, a number of clashes took place between the protesting farmers and the police, which raged in Delhi. 
In the ITO, when the police charged sticks on the farmers, the farmers also looked very aggressive. Apart from this, the flag of Khalsa Panth was hoisted parallel to the tricolor at the ramparts of the Red Fort. In the midst of all this, Pakistan enjoyed a lot. About two months ago when the farmers started agitation on the agricultural laws of the Modi government, a large section stood in support of the farmers.

The government kept saying that all the three agricultural bills have been brought in the interest of farmers. But the farmers clearly said that they do not accept the government claims. A large section of the country did not understand the terminology related to agricultural laws, but still that class was seen talking in support of farmers from social media to the road. The reason was only one, those who were opposing the agricultural laws, they were farmers.

On 26 January 2021, the people present in the farmers' garments embarrassed the entire country. Whatever happened in the name of tractor march in Delhi. Leaders of farmer organizations doing politics in the name of farmers were also very helpless. He kept giving instructions to go back, claiming everything to be in control in front of the media, but no one listened.

What did Rahul Gandhi say in the tweet

A lot of people have expressed their views on the farmers' agitation and this aggressive incident which happened two days ago, meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at the Prime Minister during his rally in Kerala, said, "Today the situation of the country is well known. , Everyone knows what is going on in the country. PM Modi is running this country in the interest of 2-3 big businessmen. Today every industry has a monopoly of 3-4 people. "

Rahul Gandhi further said, "The truth is that most of the farmers' bills are not fully aware of the three agricultural laws, because if they understood this law then there will be a movement in the whole country, there will be a different atmosphere of warmth.

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