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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Money Yoga is being made in these 2 zodiac signs on Makar Sankranti, know what is special for other zodiac signs

Sun, the king of the planets, is going to change its zodiac sign for the first time in 2021, at around 8 am on January 14, the Sun will enter Capricorn. 
This incident of Surya transit is called Makar Sankranti. According to astrologers, Makar Sankranti will be very special this year in terms of zodiac signs. In particular, the lions of Leo and Sagittarius will benefit. What is special for all 12 zodiac signs, read further.

Aries- the transit of the Sun in Capricorn will be good for those of Aries. There will be tremendous growth and success in the field. At this time, the Sun will have a conjunction with the other three planets, due to which you will be able to complete every task. Those job occupants, who were thinking of changing their jobs, time would also be good for them. Due to Sun God's association with Saturn, you may have differences of opinion with someone like your father or father.

Taurus- During this transit of the Sun you will get mixed, but significant results in your life. Sun's condition will bring down your mother's health. Spouse or boyfriend may dispute. Try to solve every situation by keeping yourself calm. It will be beneficial for you to travel related to the field. You can get financial benefit. During this transit your expenses will be high, you can invest in a scheme to save money.

Gemini- sun will transit in your eighth house as the lord of your third house. One has to work harder than ever to get success in job-trading. From the very beginning, financial crisis may have to be two-four. Expenses have to be controlled. There will be some irritability in your nature and you will hurt others even if you don't want to. Married natives may dispute with their in-laws.

Cancer- problems and mental stress can increase more than before. Singal natives may get interrupted in conversation with their special person. It is difficult to become a matter even in the case of relationship or marriage. Expenses will increase, you may also have to go on a journey related to your business. Opportunities can be found in the field of employment.

Leo- Sun is the lord of your own zodiac and in this period of transit, they will be in your seventh house. This period of transiting of the Sun will prove to be excellent for the students. There will be wealth in zodiac sign. Students preparing for government or competitive exam will be able to get better results than hard work. For those who are willing to change jobs, time will also be good for them. The people associated with business will get a fortune. You will also try to keep yourself fit.

Virgo- The transit of the Sun will be in your fifth house, during this period the natives of Virgo can get inauspicious results. You must avoid traveling at this time. Stress and fatigue can be accompanied by economic losses. Tension and anxiety can be felt due to job security and future troubles. Put all your energy on making the right strategy. It is possible for a spouse to suddenly receive some benefit or reward.

Libra- Sun in the will sit in the fourth house of your zodiac, at this time the Sun will be in a very afflicted state, due to which the health loss to your mother is possible. However, financially, this time will be better than normal, because the sun will be present in your comfort. Arrival of guests at home is also possible. Some people will be seen earning good money from the sale or purchase of a land.

Scorpio- Sun will be in your third house during this transit period, during this time you will get luck and you will be seen to be successful with your efforts. Old contacts will benefit, your enemies will be active, but with your alertness you will be able to defeat them. Taking short trips instead of long distances will prove beneficial at this time.

Sagittarius- Sun will be sitting in your second house at the time of this transit, you will get auspicious results, because wealth will be formed in your zodiac sign, which will make you get good profits in your financial life. However, during this time, the Sun will also have a conjunction with the malefic Saturn. This can also increase your expenses.

Capricorn- Sun will enter your zodiac during this transit. Therefore, this transit will have a special effect on you. You may have some health problems. There may be some challenges on the field too. Some people may also take a difficult decision to change jobs. However, this time will be auspicious for professional natives.

Aquarius- During this transit of, the Sun will enter your 12th house, it is the price of expenses. At this time you and your partner may have to face many big challenges. Traders are thinking of making some kind of new investment, they have to avoid it now. You may lose money. Avoid any illegal activities or violation of law at the time of transit.

Pisces- transiting Sun, you will enter your eleventh house. It is a sense of success and profit. In this period of transit, the natives of Pisces will get auspicious results. You will be able to complete all the unfinished tasks of your past. Due to the attainment of goals in the field, appreciation and promotion will be done. The presence of many other planets in the zodiac will increase your efficiency.

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