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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Know why khichdi is eaten today

Today is the festival of Capricorn. 
This day is dedicated to Lord 
Sun and Saturn. On this day Lord Surya and Shanidev are worshiped on kharif crops made of things like rice, chickpeas, groundnuts, jaggery, sesame and urad. Sankranti day of rice and urad dal idli is dedicated to the Sun God and all the people who eat cooked it as Prasad and sends others.

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Every year on the day of Makarsankranti, there is a tradition of making kheechadi in every house. That is why kheechadi is also a name of this festival. But this time there is a lot of confusion among the people about eating kheechadi at the kheechadi festival. Because it is believed that kheerdi should not be eaten on Thursday. It is believed that eating khichdi on Thursday leads to loss of money, and leads to more poverty.

But there is another side to it. Which is that the sun god is very happy to eat kheechadi on the day of Sankrat. And Saturn's hostile nature diminishes. But if you are in a dilemma regarding eating swamps on Thursday, let me tell you that Jupiter, Sun and Saturn are located in each Capricorn sign on the day of Capricorn Sankrati. You will not feel guilty for offering kheechadi by offering your kheechadi. This is because it will be considered the offering of the Navagrahas.

The scriptures also say that prasad can be taken in any form on any day. It is not faulty in any way. Another thing is that on this day all the items for making kheechadi like rice, urad dal, ghee and salt are donated. Which removes all kinds of asteroids. Prasad can be taken in any form on any day.

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