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Friday, January 15, 2021

Joe Biden's big announcement, now 1 lakh rupees will come in every American's account, know how

Newly elected US President Joe Biden has announced a new relief package of $ 1.9 trillion ($ 1.9 trillion or $ 1900 billion) before his swearing in. 
Several types of announcements have been made under this relief package. It has also announced a cash benefit directly for the average American. Apart from this, liquidity has been made available for business. Special funds have also been announced in this regard for the Corona Vaccine Program which runs on a large scale across the country.

The new $ 1900 billion relief package is divided into three parts, the bulk of which will be given to the US household as a direct benefit. $ 415 billion has been placed to fight the Corona epidemic. Funds worth more than $ 1000 billion will be distributed as direct support. In addition, $ 440 billion has been announced to support the business.

1000 billion dollars to get direct benefit

Americans will have $ 1400 (about 1 lakh rupees) under the Additional Direct Benefit Fund of $ 1000 billion. Apart from this, people registered as unemployment allowance from March to September 2021 will get $ 400 per month, which was $ 300 earlier. In addition, the federal minimum wage has been increased to $ 15 per hour for overtime.

Trump signed $ 900 billion relief package

A $ 20 billion fund has been set up for the vaccination program in the country. Apart from this, a fund of 50 billion dollars has been set up for corona virus testing. Let me tell you that Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the country on 20 January. America is the worst affected due to Corona. So far, 24 million people have fallen prey to this virus, while more than 4 lakh people have died due to it. Donald Trump signed a $ 900 billion relief package last month.

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