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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Is there mole in your palm to? Know what it means

It is considered common to have a mole on the body, but many things have been said in the handicraft science about having a mole in a particular body part. 
For example, the time there is a mole under the feet, it is said that he travels throughout his life, or if someone has a mole on his face, it is considered a factor of beauty. Just like a person who has sesame seeds in his palm, he is lucky in terms of money and money. Know ahead what the mole is in the hands, what matters.

Importance of mole on the thumb
According to palmistry, if a person has a mole on his palm under his thumb, he gets immense success in life. But if there is a mole on the thumb, then after working hard, the results are less.

Sesame fingers
point to the mole on the fingers is considered auspicious mole on the middle finger of the hand. The one who has a mole on the middle finger of the palm gets happiness and prosperity, whereas the hill at Shani mountain under the middle is not good. According to Hastha Rekha science, the mind of those who have a place in the palm of the Moon is unstable and disturbed. Such individuals also face difficulties related to marriage.

Those people who are expensive are those people who have a tusk on Mount Venus in their hands, they are very expensive. But such people do not have shortage of funds but remain rich. Such people, who have a palm in their left palm, earn a lot of money but due to their expensive nature, they are able to reduce their savings. If there is a mole on the smallest finger of the hand, then such people never lack money in life, but there are ups and downs. If there is a mole in the Venus region of the palm, then many diseases will continue to come in life, while the presence of a mole on the heart line indicates heart problems. According to Hastrekha Shastra, if there is a mole in the middle of the palm, then it is considered auspicious sign for money gain.

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