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Thursday, January 7, 2021

If you want to delete an account from Instagram, follow these steps

addition to friends and family can be connected on the social media site 
Instagram . This is a photo sharing app that allows you to share photos, videos with friends and others. But often we get bored with it. We want to delete it to take a break from it. At this time, if you do not know how to deactivate or delete an Instagram account , we are presenting this information to you.

Back up photos before deleting an account

When you delete an Instagram account, all the uploaded photos and videos will also be deleted. So keep this in mind and back it up first.

Access Instagram from PC and go to home page

There is no option to delete Instagram via phone. If you want to delete the account, you have to do it through computer. You can open instagram.com in your browser and delete the Insta account created on the smartphone. Deleting an account from a mobile app will not close the account. The username will appear on the home page of the account. After clicking on your username see the option in the drop down box. It has the option of edit profile which you can edit your information in the page that will open on clicking. Scrolling down the page there will be an option I'd like to delete my account.

Instagram will account related questions.

When deleting an account, Instagram will ask you why you want to close the account. You will see a drop down box giving you some common options that most people use. Select the reason you think is appropriate or you can also choose the option of other reason. After doing so you have to click on the box with To continue, please re-enter your password. A box will appear in front of which you will see the option to Permanently delete my account. If you have decided to close the account permanently, press Enter or click on the box. You cannot reactivate a username or anything else you have posted from this account, as the account is permanently closed.

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