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Thursday, January 7, 2021

If you are sleeping wearing a sweater, be careful, these serious diseases can happen

People wear warm clothes to avoid the cold in winter. 
Because it acts like a heat conductor and the heat escaping from the body is locked and does not go out. It has often been observed that people sleep at home wearing sweaters. But this slight negligence can be detrimental to health.

Problems including blood pressure caused by sleeping wearing a sweater

According to experts, blood vessels constrict in winter. Wearing a sweater or warm clothes keeps your body warm, but sometimes problems like restlessness and low blood pressure can also occur. Which can be harmful to your health. You can wear a thermocoat if you want to wear warm clothes. In addition, skin allergies such as rashes and rashes can also occur. A good quality body lotion should be applied before wearing a sweater to keep the skin soft and reduce the chances of allergies.

Risk for patients with diabetes and heart

The fibers in warm clothing are thicker than normal fabric fibers. Between them are many air pockets that act as an insulator. In winter we use blankets or blankets. We also wear warm clothes. The heat of sweaters and the warmth of blankets prove to be dangerous for diabetics in winter and especially for patients with heart related diseases. This is why wearing a sweater refuses to sleep.

Sleeping in woolen gloves is also harmful

Experts also believe that thermal insulation is good in wool, but it does not work to dry sweat. This causes the birth and spread of bacteria. With this the skin also falls off. Socks made of cotton for the feet remain comfortable and sweat-absorbing. It is therefore advisable to wear cotton gloves instead of wool gloves at night.

Only if very necessary

In case it is very necessary during winter and you have no choice, first wear cotton or silk clothes and then go to bed at night wearing woolen clothes. But do so only when absolutely necessary.

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