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Monday, January 11, 2021

IAS Interview Questions: Which animals have periods?

IAS Interview Questions:
 Friends, IAS interview questions are very much discussed. It is said that anything can be asked from the candidates here. Good sweat is missed in passing these exams. But what is the fear if preparations are made well. UPSC interview preparation should also be done very well. So today we are telling some tricky questions and their answers. After the preliminary examination of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services 2021, the candidates are engaged in preparing for the mains. Interviews will start after getting success in it. Civil Services Exam 2019 (Personality Test) i.e. Interview

(IAS Interview) is very difficult for which students have to work separately. Apart from knowledge, more brain investigation is done here. People who are preparing for UP SC should also put an idea to these questions that after all, how can the answer to a seemingly trivial question not be so easy?

1. What would you do if a woman was beating her husband on the road?
2. What is the full form of SC, ST, and OBC?
3. Put a symbol between 6,5 and 9 so that the resulting number is greater than 5 and smaller than 9?
4. Do you want to come for money in civil services?
5. What is the thing without which no one can be identified
6. How long can a person live without drinking water?
7. Why does saliva come out of the mouth at bedtime?
8. Which Prime Minister of India was Kuwara?
9. What is the food that does not spoil even in thousands of years?
10. Which animals have periods?

answer :-

1. First of all, I will go there and try to know whether the woman is also his wife or not? Further action will be taken after stopping the quarrel.
2. SC- Scheduled Castes, ST- Scheduled Tribes, OBC- Other Backward Class
3. Decimal
4. Sir Civil Services For a great career here we get the opportunity for direct social service, serving people more than me is necessary. is.
5. Name
6.To say whether a human will survive without water is a logical fact. Because water is the fundamental basis of human life. Life is not possible without water, humans will be able to live for three to four days without water and at least for a week. If there is no water in the body, then the kidneys can also be spoiled, so I think that without drinking water, a person will be able to survive for 3 to 4 days. Yes, without sleeping, humans may not be able to live for so long. Sleep is more important for humans than drinking water.
7. Saliva comes out of the mouth of some people at bedtime, this saliva helps in digesting food. Some people are sleeping on the sidewalk while sleeping and the veins in your face have been relayed.
8. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
9. Honey
10. Apart from humans, chimpanzees, bats, elephants and cats have menstrual periods.

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