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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Every time gas-acidity is not normal, negligence can be heavy on your life… know the reason!

The problem of indigestion gas, acidity is not only due to stomach upset. 
This can also be caused by the Gallbladder Stone. Actually the Gallbladder Stone does not have obvious symptoms. But when the problem increases, some people feel pain on the right side of the upper abdomen. More gas fermentation may occur, symptoms like vomitting and sweating. Therefore, do not take the acidity and gas produced in the stomach for a long time, because this problem can also take a serious form.

The possibility of incurable cancer

It has been clear in all the research that if there is a stone bigger than about three cm in ten years, then there is a possibility of it turning into 99 percent cancer. Since it does not cause much pain, people do not get the operation done even after knowing about the stone. But this negligence can have a huge impact on life because cancer of gall bladder is incurable. Neither surgery nor chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be done.

Danger of bursting if too much stone

When the stone is lying in the gall bladder for a long time, the stone gets stuck in the pipeline several times. At the same time, if there are more stones, then there is a possibility of a blast of the Gaul Bladder. The patient may have jaundice in the event of stones getting stuck in the pipeline. Treatment of jaundice is also not possible without removing galls.

Surgery only treatment

Gaul bladder stone has only one treatment and that is surgery. For surgery, only one day is required because nowadays it is done through binocular method. In this, only the gallbladder is removed. The patient comes to routine work on the third to fourth day.

It is necessary to follow these rules for safety

To avoid this problem, avoid heavy and greasy food. Eat junkfood and fastfood outside. Eat more fiber-rich foods. Eat dinner on time and after eating, walk for a while. Make daily exercise a part of your daily routine.

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