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Thursday, January 28, 2021

England were bowled out for 45 runs in a Test match, 2 bowlers making all 10 wickets, yet the English won

25th match of Test cricket history. 
A team is reduced to only 45 runs. At one time the score was 29 runs for eight wickets. But then a batsman crosses the double-digit and brings the team to 45. Only two bowlers do the job of bundling it for 45 runs. Interestingly, this was the first Test match for both of them. The uniqueness of this test match starts right now. No batsman can score a half-century in all four innings of an entire match. In the end, the team that was limited to 45 runs wins the test match by 14 runs. The match was played between England and Australia. The year was 1887. And it was the England team that was limited to 45 runs. This is the smallest score in his Test cricket history. Which is still intact. How was the story of this test?

England team went on tour to Australia under the captaincy of Arthur Srujburi. Two Tests were to be played under the series. The first match was held in Sydney. Australia captain Percy McDonnell won the toss and chose to bowl first. His bet was very accurate. England's innings was reduced to 45 runs in 35.3 overs. Charlie Turner (six wickets) and JJ Ferris (four wickets) dealt with the British. Both bowled continuously without stopping. Charlie scored 18 and Ferris then bowled 17.3 overs. England's first wicket fell for 11 runs. After 13 runs, half the team reached the pavilion. Ferris started the loss.

England's team got eight wickets for 29 runs. In such a situation, number nine batsman George Lohman came to the crease. He was accompanied by Wilf Flowers. Both shared a 12-run partnership for the ninth wicket. This was the biggest partnership of the innings. Both took 41 runs to score. Flowers out here. Lohman's struggle was also answered after four runs. He came in scoring 17 runs.

Australia collapse to 119 in first innings lead of 74 runs

After bowling England for 45 runs, the Australian batsmen came to batting. The pitch and England bowlers were also ready for them. The Kangaroo team also collapsed for 119 in the first innings. For him, Harry Moses (31) and Sammy Jones (31) scored the most runs. Australia's last six wickets fell in 52 runs. All bowlers got wickets from England's side. But Dick Barlow and George Lohman were the most successful who got three wickets each. Australia got a lead of 74 runs on the basis of first innings.

England gave a target of 111 runs

England's batting improved slightly in the second innings but the big score was not scored even this time. This time the team was reduced to 184 runs. JJ Ferris took five wickets this time. Johnny Briggs (33) and Billy Barnes (32) scored the most runs for England. Also, the last batsman Mordecai Sherwin remained unbeaten after scoring 21 runs. Due to this, Australia got the target of 111 runs for victory.

Kangaroo team collapsed for 97 runs

In the second innings, England bowlers overturned the game. He piled Australia on 97 runs. Billy Barnes (six wickets) and George Lohman (three wickets) were preceded by kangaroo batsmen. Harry Moses scored the most 24 runs. The batsmen could not reach the tens with the team. England's team won by 14 runs. On the first day of the match, where the Australian players were laughing, the British sun was shining on the last day.

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