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Monday, January 25, 2021

Do you also charge the phone battery 100 percent? Know about the proper method of charging

Smartphones have
 now become involved in people’s needs . There will be many who will depend on mobile. It is very important to take care of the battery. The habit of charging your phone affects the battery life. But at the moment many people are making a mistake. Do you also believe that the battery of the phone is 100 percent charged, how much the phone should be charged and whether it is correct, we are telling you here.

Charging the phone all night

Most people make the mistake of using the phone all day and charging it all night. This is the worst habit. It is wrong to keep the phone in charging for a long time. Charge the phone only when you are awake and do not charge it for too long.

Do not charge 100 percent

Many people are in the habit of fully charging the phone. If people want to go somewhere, they believe in getting out by charging 100 percent. 100 percent charging spoils battery life. So don't charge full. The phone should only be charged at 80-85 percent.

Improper charging only when the battery reaches 1-2 percent

Many people believe that the phone should be charged only when the battery is completely down and the phone should be discharged only when it is 100 percent charged. If you have a charging system, the phone should be charged only when it has 20% battery. That being said, a battery life of 20 to 80 percent is perfect for your phone.

According to Samsung, most phones nowadays have lithium batteries and charging them regularly can extend their battery life. The current working condition is different from the battery in the previous phone. So keep the battery more than 50 percent charged and prevent the battery from going down frequently.

The best way to charge a phone is to not overuse it while charging. It is better to turn off the phone and charge it. Also don't watch videos or play games while the phone is charging. The battery life of the phone is longer if this method is implemented.

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