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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Can everyone put the national flag on the car, if it is on your vehicle, first know this rule

Many people have 
triangles on the dashboard 
inside the car Often people move around with a triangular on the bonnet in front of the car. Which is wrong. According to the rules, putting the national flag on the front of the car is a crime. Very few people have the right to put a flag in front of a car and the common man does not get this right.

If you are carrying a national flag in front of your vehicle, remove it first. Article 9 for the Indian flag mentions the rules for hoisting the flag on a car. Here is a list of people whose cars can be triangulated.

These people have the right to put the flag in front of the car

According to information provided on the Home Ministry's website, the Indian Flag Code in 2002 gave the right to hoist the flag only on certain people's cars. As a rule, those people include people with the following positions.

Vice President
, Governor and Deputy Governor of
the Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers
, Union Minister of State and Deputy Minister,
Chief Minister and Cabinet Minister,
the Speaker
of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman of
overseas Indian Mission, the post Chairman of
Legislative Assembly
of the chief judge of the
High Court Judge

How to hoist a flag

When a foreign guest uses a car provided by the government, the national flag must be hoisted on the right side of the car and the national flag of the person of the country concerned has to be hoisted on the left side.

May be prosecuted

According to the rules, action can be taken if a person hoists a side national flag in front of a car, except for those listed above. In addition, a person who burns, crushes or defiles the Constitution of India or any part of it can be imprisoned or fined up to 3 years under the National Insult Act, 1971. At the same time, the tricolor cannot be worn on any part of a uniform or on a pillow, handkerchief or napkin. Besides, nothing can be written on the flag.

In addition, the national flag cannot be used for decoration. Where the flag is to be flown in the open ground, it should be flown between sunrise and sunset regardless of the weather conditions. While there is a different rule for schools. There is a separate rule for children to stand while waving the flag at school, there are rules regarding the program of the meeting from the standing of children waving the flag in schools.

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