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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Big news- 100, 10 and 5 notes will not run after March? RBI gave information

Big news has come out about the old notes of 100, 10 and 5, in fact, the RBI has informed that soon these notes may be out of circulation, after March RBI will issue all old notes. However, nothing has been officially said by RBI in this regard, RBI Assistant General Manager B Mahesh said that RBI is working on the plan to withdraw the series of these old notes is.

There will be no problem
, according to the money control report, B. Mahesh has said this in the meeting of the District Level Security Committee, in fact, in lieu of old notes of 100 rupees, 100 rupees and 5 rupees, new notes have already come into circulation, such If the old notes will also be discontinued, then people will not have any problem.

will be known in the new market that the Reserve Bank of India has said that people had to face a lot of problems at the time of demonetisation, then this time RBI will ensure that as many old notes are in circulation, as many new notes will come in the market. Go, so that people did not face any kind of trouble, this series will not be stopped suddenly.

What did the RBI say
when the Reserve Bank of India issued 100 rupee notes in 2019, then it was clear that all the 100 rupee notes issued earlier will also continue as legal tender, besides the central bank After demonetisation on 8 November 2016, in addition to 2 thousand rupees, 200 notes were also issued, it is known that RBI keeps withdrawing old notes from time to time, and continues to issue new notes, to rein in fake notes. This step is taken by the RBI, after the official announcement, all the old notes which are discontinued have to be deposited in the bank.

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