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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Before booking a train ticket in waiting list, please know this thing, otherwise your ticket will not be confirmed

Due to Korana, the operation of trains has been greatly affected. 
Till now the operation of all trains has not started, but the railway is running special trains on different routes. Right now people can travel on the train only with confirmed tickets and passengers with waiting list are not allowed to travel. Along with this, many rules have also been made in the railways regarding the corona virus, including rules regarding waiting list.

If you also want to travel somewhere, you can also travel with confirmed tickets. In such a situation, questions are being asked whether the waiting list can be booked now or not? At the same time, many people are asking the question whether the waiting list can be confirmed at the moment or not? That is why you know what the new rules of the railway say…

Can a waiting list be booked?

If we talk about the waiting list, earlier the railways had banned the booking of the waiting list, but later it was lifted. Therefore, please tell that you can book tickets in waiting list. However, guidelines have also been issued by the Railways for this.

Can tickets be confirmed?

People have to ask how many chances of getting tickets confirmed after booking tickets in waiting list. There is no fixed rule to find out this, but according to the new rules of the railway, a limit of waiting list has been fixed. In such a case, you should also book your ticket based on this limit. If you also book a ticket within this limit, then there is a chance that the ticket is confirmed. So keep this limit in mind.

What is the limit?

In May last year, the Railways updated the rules. During this time, tickets were allowed to be booked in the waiting list, but a limit was fixed. During this time, the limit was fixed on the basis of every class and if there is a ticket in the limit, there will be a chance of getting the ticket confirmed. The railways has fixed the limit of 200 for sleeper class, 100 for third AC, 50 for second AC and 20 for first AC.

what should be done?

If you are booking a train, then check your train limit. Book tickets on the basis of this only, otherwise your ticket will not be confirmed. Let us know that the waiting list of the train is confirmed in a situation when another person cancels his confirmed ticket.

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