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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Banana Benefits: You will be surprised to know these 9 benefits of eating 1 banana everyday.

Banana Benefits:
Banana eaters have higher energy level than ordinary people. 
Besides increasing the energy level, bananas contain vitamins, iron and fiber. Being full of energy, athletes must consume bananas every day. At the same time there is a misconception among some people that the consumption of banana makes a person fat. It is necessary to do workouts with banana intake. If you do less workouts and consume more than the prescribed quantity of banana, then your body fat can increase.

Provide energy

Banana is rich in glucose, which helps in providing energy to the body immediately. It contains 75 percent water, in addition, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper are also found in sufficient quantities in it.

digestive Health

Bananas have many benefits for digestive health. Banana is rich in fiber, which helps keep the digestive system fine. Due to fiber, food is digested properly and the process of sewage becomes easier. In addition, fiber also works to relieve stomach problems like constipation. Bananas also contain resistant starch, which is considered beneficial for the stomach.

Vitaman B6

Our body requires adequate amounts of vitamin B6 to produce hemoglobin and insulin. Banana having these nutrients fulfills this requirement of the body. 

Treatment of eye irritation with the medicinal properties of banana

Eye irritation is a common problem. Whenever you have irritation in your eyes, tie banana leaves on top of the eyes. It cures eye irritation.

blood pressure

Banana food is also considered good for blood pressure patients. Eating banana can be especially beneficial for high BP patients. 

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