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Thursday, January 28, 2021

After corona and bird flu, a new disease has increased anxiety, lump emerging on the body of cows and buffaloes

The country has not yet recovered from the corona epidemic and bird flu that now another new problem has become a cause of trouble and the name of this new trouble is 'Lumpi'. 
Where the corona epidemic killed millions of people. At the same time, the bird flu became a net for the lives of birds. Still not left free from all these diseases that now 'Lumpy' has spread his legs to cure cows and buffaloes.

A strange disease spreading among cows and buffaloes has made them ill. When this disease engulfs an animal, many rashes occur in its body. This is called Lumpy Skin Disease. Due to this, cows and buffaloes also reduce milk. It is a matter of concern that there is currently no cure for this disease.

Milk reduces the milk due to the effect of this disease

The first case of this long-known disease in India came in 2019. Milk animals are the most vulnerable to this disease. After the disease is exposed, large wounds start appearing in the body of the animals. They first appear in the number of three-four and then they spread throughout the body. After this, they become painless and reduce milk also. When this disease spreads completely in the body of animals, they also die from pain.

This dangerous disease spreads like this

In animals, this disease spreads to each other. This disease is spread by drinking water, eating fodder at one place and by contacting each other's saliva. Viruses also spread due to the bite of a mosquito or a fly. This causes lumps to form on the body of animals. These lumps start growing again and after that they turn into wounds. After the spread of this disease, the animals have high fever. If the female animal is pregnant, her chances of miscarriage increase.

This disease has come from Africa

This dangerous disease spread in animals was first found in Africa in 1929. After hunting many animals there, the disease spread to Greece and Russia. After this the disease started spreading to animals in Bangladesh and many Asian countries. Now it is spreading fast in India.

Milk traders suffer huge losses

Farmers and businessmen associated with dairy industry are suffering from this long illness. Farmers doing milk business are suffering heavy losses. Apart from Tamil Nadu, the disease is spreading rapidly in many states including Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand.

In 2020, the whole world including India suffered from Corona. When the corona vaccine came, people breathed a sigh of relief. But then suddenly the bird flu started spreading rapidly. The impact of bird flu did not diminish that in 2021, now this third disease is spreading rapidly.

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