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Friday, January 22, 2021

72nd Republic Day 2021: This will be seen on Rajpath for the first time

Republic Day 2021 Celebrations:
 Every year on January 26, that is, Republic Day celebrations of India keep an eye on the whole world. This time Republic Day is going to be different in many ways. The most important changes in this are due to the situation arising out of Kovid-19. Apart from this, there are some things that the countrymen will see for the first time in Republic Day celebrations.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this time the number of guests and viewers will be less in the Republic Day celebrations. While 1.15 lakh people were present to watch Republic Day Parade every year, this time this number will be limited to 25 thousand people. Precaution like social distancing, masking will also be seen in Republic Day celebrations. The route of the parade will be shorter. The length of the first parade was 8.2 kilometers, which ran from Vijay Chowk to the Red Fort. But this time it will be only 3.3 kilometers long from Vijay Chowk to National Stadium.

Squads will be small, children will not have entry

Squads participating in the Republic Day parade will also be smaller. Till now there were 144 people in each squad, but this time there will be only 96 people. This time young children will not participate in the Republic Day Parade. Only school children above 15 years of age will be included. Also, children with disabilities will not join this time. There will be no arrangement to stand and watch the parade this time. The number of seats will be allowed as many people.

No foreign chief guest after 55 years

No foreign dignitary will attend this event as the chief guest. This will be the first time after 1966 that no other nation will be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations of India. It has been decided not to make any foreign chief guest a part of the Republic Day celebrations on 26 January this year, in view of the Kovid 19 epidemic spreading across the world.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was going to be the chief guest of the Republic Day celebrations. But seeing the new type of Kovid 19 in Britain and the situation arising out of it, the British PM canceled his India tour.

First female fighter pilot

Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kant, one of the first women fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force, will be part of the Indian Air Force tableau in the Republic Day Parade. She will be the first female firefighter pilot to participate in the Republic Day Parade.

Rafael will also fly

The recently joined Rafale fighter aircraft in the Indian Air Force will join the Republic Day Parade of India on 26 January and the flypast will conclude by flying in the 'Vertical Charlie Formation' of this aircraft. In 'Vertical Charlie Formation', the aircraft flies at low altitude, goes straight up, then eats acrobatics and then stabilizes at a height.

Kovid booths will be made

The number of entry and exit gates will be increased. Kovid booths will also be built, in which doctors and para-medical staff will be present. Thermal screening is being arranged at every gate. Hand sanitizers will also be kept in place.

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