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Friday, December 4, 2020

Do you know why Ganesh Ji made rat his vehicle?

The story of Bappa's vehicle rat

Every god has a vehicle. Someone's lion, someone's eagle and someone's bull. That is, each vehicle has its own special qualities. The lion is the symbol of power, the eagle is the vehicle that is faster than the mind and the bull is the devotee. So it is understandable why every god has chosen his special vehicles. But why did Ganapati Bappa make his vehicle a rat? Has this question ever crossed your mind so let's find out the secret

Connected with Asuras

According to this strange story, there was a demon king named Gajmukh. He wanted to be very powerful and rich. As well as wanted to subdue all the gods and goddesses. So he worked hard to get blessings from Mahadev. After many years of penance, one day Shivaji came to him and gave him divine power. Which made it very powerful. The greatest power in the blessing that Shiva gave him was that he would not die with any weapon. Asura Gajmukh became proud of his powers and he started abusing his power and attacking the gods.

Gajmukh annoyed the gods

Only Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Ganesha survived the terror of Gajmukh. All the other gods were upset by it. When everyone reached the refuge of the Trinity to save themselves. Then Shankarji told Ganesha to stop the Gajumukh demon. Ganapati Bappa then fought with Gajumukh and wounded the demon Gajumukh. But even then he did not agree and came forward to fight again.

The demon became a mouse

According to the story of Ganapati's vehicle , the wounded demon turned into a rat to save himself and ran to attack Ganesha. Going to Ganesha, Bappa jumped on him and sat on him and he turned Gajmukh into a rat for the rest of his life and made him his vehicle. Later, Gajumukh also realized his mistake and expressed happiness over his new look. Not only that, he also became a dear friend of Bappa.

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